Art History, Appreciation and the Internet

Artists from all across the globe are now able to share their works without the rules that were in place two decades ago. The artist’s talent is no longer hindered by finding an agent, or a gallery to show their works because the entire internet is now a free and open gallery for anyone to display their works. While looking at a digital photo of a painting is in no way the same as actually having the painting in your home; the internet makes it easier to obtain great works from talented painters, sculptors and photographers.

In the past, artist’s lived in desperation and poverty and lived only to create their art with almost no hope of being discovered. While some may still live in poverty, their chances of being discovered have significantly improved. It is now possible for an artist to become quite famous in only a matter of minutes instead of years.

How does this effect the appreciation of art? Art will always be what the enthusiast likes. Unless you are entirely in collecting art for monetary reasons, art has to speak to you. It should mean something to you and without that it really has no value to you. Some build their collection on the name of the artist. This is also a completely legitimate reason as they feel attached to the artist. It can be an admiration of previous works or and admiration for the artist themselves.

Where will the history of art lead? With so much changing so quickly, the future for the arts is nearly unlimited. There are not only technological changes that are making the difference, but there are also completely new techniques and materials to create with.

Artists in our time are sometimes interchangeable in their fame. They may start out as a singer and then show their other creative endeavors in painting, or drawing and gain a career based on their other fame. They can also start out from being self-taught or spending years in art schools. The stories are as different as the artist’s themselves.

To study the modern history of art is becoming more difficult because of the rapid changes in the different fields. With so many artists gaining notoriety via the internet, it is difficult for college text books to stay up to date. The best way to keep up with this rapid change is to follow artist blogs, newsletters and art related websites. These varied methods of art news can keep one up to date down to the minute a change occurs.

From the dawn of time to now, humanity has been enthralled by the creation of art and its appreciation. From cave paintings to a flash website, humanity is constantly improving the way that we express our emotions through the arts. No technique or material has been left behind as people still continue to paint in acrylics, oils, sculpt in marble and clay as their predecessors did before them.

The most fascinating contribution of the internet to art history and appreciation has been making the greatest works available immediately. People can now go to museums without ever leaving their home. This contribution will continue to enrich the lives of people all over the world. [] is the premiere online art gallery for Boston’s own fine artist, Veny. Art by Veny is the showcase that allows art appreciators from all over the globe, the opportunity to buy acrylic paintings or even to commission original, custom art by Veny herself.

In homes and businesses throughout the world, Veny’s high quality acrylic pain

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